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Oil-free Compressor

- 1~4 stage, water-cooled(radiator), piston reciprocating compressor
- Application : Gas industry, Petro-chemical, Breathing air, Gas booster, Research Lab/Institutes
- Applied gas : He, O2, N2, Ar, Air, CO, CO2, Refrigerant

Silent box

water-cooled by self-radiator


air-cooled by fan-cooler

1) Characteristics

- Water or air-cooled system of keeping low & stable discharge temperature
- No oil : guaranty of high air quality and longer life-cycle of filter.
- Maintenance costs’ saving from multiple safety devices to protect the system
- Higher endurance of compressor by supplied low temperature at each stage
- Self-radiator : No need of any other utility to supply cooling water

2) Technical data (Air-Cooled / Water-Cooled)
Series Suction pressure
(bar G.)
Discharge pressure
(bar G.)
Flow capacity
Required power
HP (Kw)
1100F(B) ~ 4400W(B) 1 ~ 15 10 ~ 350 6 ~ 120 5 ~ 50 (3.7 ~ 37.5)
* Above data are subject to alter without prior information.